December 5, 2010


James Bond creator, Ian Fleming, was famous for his enthusiasm for the finer things in life, especially the sensory experiences of food and drink. His novels are filled with descriptive moments where 007 takes note of the quality of a fine blend and the alchemy of a gourmet menu. As a reader and viewer, I've found these details fascinating, and I appreciate the function they serve in creating the Bond character. 007 has a developed palate and an eye for good-taste, qualities that make him a fun agent to hang out with. He is exacting and decisive. "Shaken- not stirred." His choices echo the prowess he shows as a spy and man of action/romance. Though my tastes lean more toward the fashion, architecture, gadgetry, and design of Fleming's creation, Keith at Teleport City has written an interesting article about the particular role that alcohol has played in the world of James Bond. Check it out here.

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