December 27, 2010


Our man Simon has alerted us that BBC America is currently running a James Bond marathon. Nothing like starting the new year with well-dressed adventure! At BBC's 007 site here, you can access the movie schedule, play an amusing "What's my Bond name?" game, and have a go at Trivia Galore. BBC will screen an all-Connery movie line-up, including Dr. No, Diamonds Are Forever, and coming up- From Russia With Love, Goldfinger, and Thunderball. Enjoy!

Now, Spy Vibe has two questions for readers: What is your BBC Bond name? Second, if you could be in one panel in this classic From Russia With Love poster, which would you choose? My Bond name, by the way, is apparently Ivan deHoldem.

Thanks again to Simon for putting this on our radar. Poster image from Movie Goods here.


  1. I like the second one from right to left, classic bond.

    My name is Shadow, Silver Shadow.

  2. I'd have to go with the underwear panel. Each of these could make a great pulp novel cover.

    -"Ivan deHoldem"


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