December 27, 2010


Looking for instant spy satisfaction? Spy Vibers who use Netflix will be thrilled to see that both of the recent OSS 117 films from France are now available as streaming content on the web. OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (2006) really surprised when it eventually came out in the States, and it quickly became one of my top-ten movies of the year. The film does a wonderful (and hilarious) job commenting on mid-1950s attitudes around colonialism. Although the re-launch of the OSS 117 franchise took a comedic route, the film never suffers from the kind of cliched parody we see in many re-makes. The sequel, OSS 117: Lost in Rio (2009) brings the main character into 1967 South America on a hunt for an ex-Nazi. Both films capture the lush, saturated color schemes and design styles of period movies, not to mention the dated attitudes. I love the 'secretary' moment in the first act of Lost in Rio. Priceless! Don't miss these gems!


  1. The OSS 117 films are indeed "must see" movies. I thought "Cairo, Nest of Spies" was fantastic. Good story, well written and acted, and great period costumes and sets.

    "Lost in Rio" was entertaining, but I do not think it quite approached the high bar set by "Cairo."

  2. I agree with you about "Lost in Rio." The gags and visual conventions are more self-conscious. Still, as you say, quite entertaining. I'm glad to see them available on-line like this. Now, if someone would only make available great prints of original Eurospy movies..

  3. Hey guys,

    I have netflix on my xbox system at home, can stream movies but did not find the OSS 117 movies. Did i have to set the up as 'likes' online for them to appear?

    any help is appreciated!

  4. yes, i manage my instant movie list on-line. then i can access it to stream through my PS3. remember to click movie titles to get to their pages on Netflix so you can choose either dvd or instant option. -jason

  5. Thank you!! i found it!

    any other spyvibe worthy movies that you may recommend on the netflix stream?


  6. cool! others streaming- some only until Jan 1st:

    The Avengers '67 and '68 seasons
    Casino Roayale (66)
    Modesty Blaise
    In Like Flint
    Thunderbirds Are Go
    Testament of Dr Mabuse
    Dr Mabuse the Gambler
    Fritz Lang's M
    The Rat Patrol
    The Third Man
    Lady From Shanghai
    The Big Sleep
    Batman: The Movie
    Billion Dollar Brain
    The Ambushers
    Murderers' Row
    Three Days of the Condor
    The Lady Vanishes
    Marathon Man
    The Pink Panther
    A Shot in the Dark

  7. see new post all about current streaming titles


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