July 19, 2010


The Corridor People is now available from Network. From the description on their website, which includes talk of stylized set design, off-beat dialog, striking Photography, and a dash of Monty Python, this sounds like a must-see. From Network: "A surreal crime/fantasy adventure series in the mold of the The Avengers, The Corridor People ran for only four episodes yet has garnered considerable cult devotion.

A host of unlikely characters include Kronk, a paternal CID agent, his henchmen Inspector Blood and Sergeant Hound, and American, Bogart-worshiping private eye Phil Scrotty; each episode sees them pitched against the avaricious schemes of Syrie Van Epp, a beautiful, treacherous Persian millionairess.

Written by Edward Boyd (The Odd Man), the series stars larger-than-life character actor John Sharp and Elizabeth Shepherd, the actress originally cast as Emma Peel; guest stars include Windsor Davies and Pauline Collins. With wildly inventive storylines, offbeat, often humorous dialogue in which characters frequently break the fourth wall, strikingly original photography and heavily stylised sets, it’s no surprise to find it described as ‘the Twin Peaks of its day’, or akin to ‘a lost Harold Pinter play with an added dash of Monty Python’..! This unique series, unscreened since its original transmission in 1966, is now available on DVD for the very first time." Discs are region 2 PAL format.

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  1. It's a weird show, to be sure. You can read my in-depth review here: http://doubleosection.blogspot.com/2010/07/dvd-review-corridor-people-complete.html