July 13, 2010


Minimal stage design and London-banker style fashion give this mid-60s clip of The Supremes some Spy Vibe cool. Diana Ross and the gals made a whole album of Mersey side covers (tunes by The Beatles, Dave Clark Five, etc) in 1964 called A Bit of Liverpool. Lennon's You Can't Do That was the standout song from the record due to its bluesy solo. The song was originally released in 1964 by The Beatles as a B side to Can't Buy Me Love. The Beatles filmed a performance of it for the film A Hard Days Night, but is was dropped in the final edit. Fans can see the segment in DVD editions of the film (and below!).

Paul McCartney's current tour opens with a slide show collage of (mostly) 1960s pop culture. Images of The Beatles, Twiggy, and assorted buttons and scrapbook ephemera scroll by to Macca remixes and many Motown covers, including this one by the Supremes. The collage features video loops of 1960s dance-club scenes. Imagine arena-size screens alive with moves & Motown! It's a great reminder to us that The Beatles themselves were great music fans, and that McCartney was a big Motown fan. The whole slide show does a great job establishing the times in a broader scope beyond the Fabs themselves. In a way, McCartney leads you through his own private scrapbook of his life in the Swinging Sixties. I will post the slide show here if I can find it. Did any Spyvibers see Paul at one of his recent shows?

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