July 8, 2010


Heads up to all Spy Vibers on the east coast. The Super Megashow is being held this weekend, July 9-11, at the Crowne Plaza in Fairfield, NJ. In addition to the usual comic-related stuff that will appeal to convention-goers, the event will include appearances by some fave personalities from the 1960s-1970s. Top of my list are original Beatles drummer, Pete Best, and Denny Laine (Moody Blues/Wings)!

Also attending will be Billy J Kramer (recorded many McCartney/Lennon hits and managed by Brian Epstein), Joe Walker (Walker Brothers), Andy White (Beatles session drummer), Fred Seaman (Lennon assistant), May Pang (Lennon assistant and partner), Tony Bramwell (Beatles tour manager/CEO Apple), Lindsey Wagner (Bionic Woman), Shirley Jones (Partridge Family), and a Monkees reiunion with Peter Tork and Mickey Dolenze. Also on view will be classic vehicles like the Black Beauty (Green Hornet) and TV's Batmobile.

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