July 3, 2010


For Spy Vibers in the States, July 4th probably means a variety of things. But nothing really says "rockets red glare" to me like this epic finish to one of my all-time fave James Bond films. It's the image of fireworks that brings it to mind. The historical and cultural context of this reference is rather wonky for the holiday, I admit. As a kid growing up on Bond, the scene may be my earliest memory of seeing 007 dish out danger with his trademark, ultra-cool dialog. The expression, "Where there's smoke, there's fire," supposedly dates back to the 1300s. I'll never forget the first thrill of this scene. 007 meeting certain doom, but with an unexpected ace up his sleeve. Surrounded by enemy boats, leaking fuel, he meets their gaze with confidence. "Where there's smoke, there's fire." Beat... Bond raises the flare gun and fires. The flare ignites the fuel, engulfing the baddies in flames and 007 speeds away. It never got cooler than 1963's From Russia With Love. If you watch fireworks tomorrow, give yourself a little moment to imagine the sky lighting up with a bit of imaginative James Bond action. Happy weekend, everyone!

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