September 25, 2010


For Spy Vibers looking to spice up their pads and lairs, now is the time to get a good deal on modern furniture at Design Within Reach. They have just launched their big Knoll Sale, where you can find very cool pieces. There is even a Saarinen collection on sale that includes two versions of his famous Tulip chair! Sale ends October 3rd, details at Design Within Reach here.

To find out more about mid-century modern and the world of Knoll designs, check out the new book,
Knoll: A Modernist Universe, by Brian Lutz. This lavishly illustrated book from Rozzoli is available at major booksellers, including Amazon.

1 comment:

  1. Cool post! Nothing makes an evil lair complete like excellent mid-century modern furniture and art (in this case, the furniture is art).


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