September 6, 2010


A new scholarly anthology of essays, James Bond: The Films Are Not Enough, is due for release this month and promises to be an invaluable resource in Pop Culture and Jame Bond Studies. Fellow C.O.B.R.A.S. member, Dr. Wesley Britton, has posted a must-read review over at the Commander Bond Network. To give Spy Vibers a taste of the book and Britton's review: "The anthology is organized into six sections. “Part I: Experiencing the World of Bond” doesn’t deal with Bond essentials, but rather posters, dances in the title sequences, architecture, designer clothes, and two overviews of Bond video games. Part Two (which includes this reviewer’s own essay) covers Bond music from four perspectives. Then, seven essays look at gender, feminism, and the Bond girls. (Note: Why is it Judi Dench as M is frequently worth discussion as a significant female authority figure but never Lotte Lenya as Col. Klebb or Ilse Steppat as Irma Bunt?)....Because of the range of the contributions, it’s difficult to see how it won’t be considered indispensable reading from 2010 on. No library shelf on Bond, or film or espionage studies for that matter, will be complete without it." And that's just scratching the surface! You can read the entire review at the Commander Bond Network here. The book is available on Amazon here, and directly from Cambridge Scholars Publishing here.

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