September 27, 2010


The John Lennon 70th anniversary event will be celebrated all over the world this October with concerts, films, broadcasts, and a number of CD, DVD, book, and magazine releases. The top of my list is the Signature edition box set of the remastered Lennon catalog (including the new, stripped-down mix of Double Fantasy), a combined-set edition of his 1960s collections of drawings and satire, In His Own Write and A Spaniard in the Works (see Spy Vibe's Satire Surrealism Boom in the UK here), and the new bio-pic Nowhere Boy. The music press will not be left out of the festivities and Q Magazine has announced that their special edition will sport: four collectible covers, unseen images from some of the major Photographers in the Lennon/Beatles circle, and a limited-release cover for subscribers by 1960s Photographer/icon, David Bailey. For more details, check out the Imagine Peace website.

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