September 28, 2010


Spy Vibe reported in January last year that a feature film based on Gerry Anderson's UFO is in the works. Anderson's first live-action project followed years of sci-spy puppet hits, like Stingray, Thunderbirds, Fireball XL-5, and Captain Scarlet. UFO is a Spy Vibe fave for its excellent blend of fab elements: lounge-jazz cues by Barry Gray, ultra-cool gadgets, a secret organization that poses as a film studio, purple wigs and silver mini-skirts, and those amazing Nehru jackets! (See Spy Vibe's Agent J go Nehru here). If you do not have the UFO megaset in your collection yet, keep an eye on deepdiscount for frequent sales. There are few updates regarding the movie, but a new website has been launched since our last posting. You can check it out here. Spy Vibers can also see our review of a James Bond-inspired episode of Thunderbirds here. Hermes Press has published some outstanding books over the last couple of years for Gerry Anderson fans, including Sylvia Anderson's illustrated memoir and the production history, Filmed in Supermarionation: A History of the Future. Stay tuned for updates.

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  1. I remember how cool UFO was as I was growing up. Cannot wait until the movie is released, but I sure hope it is done well. Also, I need to stock the wardrobe with some cool Nehru jackets.


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