February 6, 2013


Congratulations again to all of the Spy Vibers who won vintage prizes in our birthday give-away contest! What else is new here in the lair? Scroll down for posts about Ian Fleming's desert island interview, new Fleming book designs, Spy Smasher cliffhanger serial, the new Barbarella tv show, Man From U.N.C..L.E. illustration, British spy comics in the 1960s, Piper Gates retro spy designs, Cinema Retro celebrates James Bond, and Spy Vibe's 2012 top ten, including my review of Skyfall.

Now on Kindle: One of the interesting characters from 1960s Swinging London was author Adam Diment. He appeared on the scene with his first novel, Dolly Dolly Spy, in 1967. Publishers Weekly: "A kinky, cool mod flare that is outrageously entertaining….If you appreciate clever plotting, plenty of excitement, sex at its most uninhibited, a dollop or two of explicit sadism, Adam Diment is a name to remember." Diment wrote four novels about his alter-ego, Philip McAlpine, a hip spy with Diment's taste for fast cats, planes, girls, and chemical substances, before disappearing completely from public view in 1971. David Hemmings was cast to play McAlpine in a 1968 film adaptation of Dolly Dolly Spy, but the project apparently died during development. That same year, Hemmings, who resembled the author, made his two iconic films Barbarella and Blow Up. Collectible and difficult to track down, Diment's Dolly Dolly Spy novel is now available on Kindle here. You can read more about Diment here and a review of Dolly Dolly Spy at our sister site Permission to Kill here


  1. I've got the version in the top-left of the picture - I got it because the cover looked so much of its time.

  2. Looks amazing. Who did that artwork, Mim?


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