February 9, 2013


Ian Fleming's niece, Lucy, did a short interview with GQ back in the Fall.  She talked about the new 007 audiobooks that were just produced in England (I just finished David Tennant's reading of OHMSS- excellent!), the Bond actors, book and movie plots, and the continuation novels. On the subject of letters, she mentioned that her cousin was currently writing a book based on Ian Fleming's letters. I'm very interested to see that! There have been previous books inspired by Fleming letters, including The Letters of Ann Fleming and Yours Ever, Ian Fleming. As always, I was most interested to hear her thoughts on uncle Ian:

From GQ: "Do you think that when your uncle was writing the books he could have imagined their success?
 I think he would have been very pleased. The books did incredibly well in their time - he became as much of a celebrity as a writer could in those days. He loved the films and saw two of them being made into films: Dr No and From Russia With Love. He loved the detail of filmmaking and all the excitement that comes along with it. He would have perhaps turned his nose up at some of the continuation novels that have come out, but I don't know. I think he would have been thrilled. He was always quite ambitious for them. When he wrote the first one he was really nervous about it, he didn't show it to anyone at first. He was nervous about people mocking him. Once the publisher had given him the go ahead, that gave him a great boost and he wrote one book a year for the last twelve years of his life. Which is a hell of a lot of books - you don't see that nowadays. He wrote very quickly - he'd been trained as a journalist. He said 'I never look back, otherwise you never get a book written. Just write it, write it, write it.' He went out to Jamaica to write them and had a very strict routine. Then he'd come back to England and edit it, look up facts and details. He was very into getting things right." More at GQ. First Edition of Casino Royale below available from James Bond First Editions
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