February 13, 2013


James Bond and The Beatles are not the only British Invasion stars celebrating 50th anniversaries this year. Cult favorite Doctor Who first aired on November 23rd, 1963. There are many celebrations coming up, including special screenings, events, and product releases. BBC America is also focusing on the progression of the series by spotlighting a different Doctor every month. On Sunday February 24th, they will be airing one of my favorite serials with the second doc, Patrick Troughton, The Tomb of the Cybermen, where he faces pistols and robots! Not only does this story feature chilling baddies in space-age silver (who have a pre-Borg urge to assimilate), but it also features human baddies who are driven by greed and a desire for power. First aired in September 1967, it is the earliest surviving complete Troughton serial. BBC America will also air a special documentary about Troughton's era of Doctor Who. The Tomb of the Cybermen was recently re-released in a special edition DVD set with remastered footage and special features. And if you're wondering, like I did, the "Cybernauts" episode of The Avengers aired one year prior in October 1965. Photos below from DVD Talk

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