December 27, 2013


According to Pop Art icon Andy Warhol, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for fifteen minutes." Warhol was celebrated in an interesting project produced by Jeff Gordon and Path Soong. Drawing on their experience packaging sound recordings and limited-edition art books, the pair teamed up with Sony Legacy to create a 12x12 box set called Fifteen Minutes- Homage to Andy Warhol. The set includes rare content on four vinyl LPs,  3 CDs, artist photos, and 16 off-set lithographs- all contributed by artists with some connection to Warhol. Most of the contributors are Warhol's peers from the art community, but Spy Vibers will recognize a few wider-known figures like Billy Name, Bob Dylan, and Patti Smith. Fifteen Minutes was featured in a traveling exhibit that included stops at the Andy Warhol Museum, Pollock-Krasner House,  and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Beijing. 

Sony Legacy released a limited run of 1,968 editions of the set, which sells for upwards of $500, but PopMarket currently offers the set at a discount price of  $179.99. From PopMarket: "Fifteen Minutes: Homage to Andy Warhol was created with the full approval of The Andy Warhol Foundation For The Visual Arts and is headlined by Columbia Records artists Bob Dylan and Patti Smith + 16 other world-renowned fine artists, poets, painters, photographers, actors, and musicians. Each artist in this collection offers both an original recording and original work of art in limited edition inspired by their relationship with Warhol." New York Times review here

Warhol's original Factory, which served as a studio space for production and collaboration, was set up in 1962 on east 47th street in Manhattan. It moved to Union Square in 1968, where Warhol remained until 1973. Typifying 1960s Space-Age aesthetics and inspired by Billy Name, Warhol created the "silver factory" by famously covering the walls and ceiling of the studio with aluminum foil. As a center for the arts in the 1960s, Warhol's factory attracted visits from a host of creative icons, who were often asked to sit for portraits and screen tests ("long portraits"). Among the regulars of artists and hangers-on, the Factory also hosted appearances by Warhol's band, The Velvet Underground. Founding bandmember and songwriter Lou Reed sadly passed away in October. More info at the Andy Warhol Foundation here. Andy Warhol Museum here. Additional links: Velvet Underground, John Cale, Lou Reed, Velvet Underground by Richie Unterberger, Laurie Anderson, Warhol Screen Tests, Screen Tests at The Warhol, Warhol at MOMA, Bob Dylan, Patti Smith

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