October 23, 2015


New release: UK distributor Network has announced an exciting new box set that will appeal to fans of Edward Woodward (Callan, The Equalizer, Breaker Morant). Callan: This Man Alone is a 3-DVD celebration of Woodward's signature role as a government assassin and agent. The set contains a new feature-length documentary film about the Callan series narrated by Peter Woodward, as well as a number of remastered episodes, rare TV appearances, trailers, galleries, and PDF archive. From the press release: "Nearly ten years in the making, This Man Alone is a brand-new feature-length documentary on one of television's highest-rated series. Featuring a remarkable central performance by Edward Woodward, Callan grew from a cult favourite into one of Britain's favourite shows, and this documentary tells the story of its creation and development, its success on television and extended life in film and books. Narrated by Peter Woodward, This Man Alone features contributions from Peter Mitchell, Reginald Collin, Mike Vardy, James Goddard, Piers Haggard, Patrick Mower, Trevor Preston and more. It also contains a wealth of special features." Network is currently offering the set at a pre-order price of £25 (down from its release price of £30). Details here. See the trailer below. In addition, the behind-the-scenes book about the series, Callan: Under the Red File, by Andrew Pixley is available exclusively through Network here. In honor of these releases, Network is also offering a bundle called Five From Callan. From the press release: "To celebrate the release of Network’s brand new documentary Callan: This Man Alone, we have put together the Five from Callan compilation. Featuring a vast array of content across 14 discs and 371 pages, it includes the brand new Callan: This Man Alone and also The Monochrome Years, The Colour Years, Wet Job and Network’s exclusive Andrew Pixley’s Under the Red File. Save more than £20 from its combined original price for a very limited period of time." Details hereEnjoy!

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