November 3, 2015


When Spy Vibe reported that Dame Diana Rigg was scheduled to appear in October at an Avengers screening at the BFI, many readers were over the moon with excitement- and a few were cautiously optimistic. Apart from discussing the warm generosity of her co-star, Patrick Macnee, Rigg has famously kept her distance from The Avengers. In her 1970 Desert Island Discs interview, the series was barely a footnote in the discussion, passed over as a karate-kicking confection. Rigg has spoken so passionately about a dedication to Shakespearian roles and their depth of character, that some wondered if the actress would ever really embrace her part in Avengers history and celebrate her legacy with fans. I'm happy to report Dame Diana did indeed show up to the screening in October, and she had a wonderfully expressive interview with BFI curator Dick Fiddy (a video has been kindly posted on the BFI website here). The event marked the 50th anniversary of her entrance into the series and the discussion covered topics such as her early appearance in Sentimental Agent, co-star Patrick Macnee, 1960s fashion, actress Honor Blackman and the genesis of strong women in The Avengers, and Mrs. Emma Peel's role in helping women to establish their place in the world during the 1960s. Dame Diana was warm and animated throughout. Although it should have been obvious to me, I hadn't considered the fact that Rigg hasn't watched the series herself. After the screening of House That Jack Builtshe seemed to recognize that they had created something unique and special that has kept us fans buzzing for 50 years, while still expressing the difficulty she experienced making the show. Looking back at the series, Rigg also talked about the talented directors she worked with and about how, in the black and white series especially, they were able to craft such beautiful imagery. I so wish I had been able to be in London for the event, but am grateful the BFI has made the interview available to all of us around the world. It was a long time coming, but what a wonderful pleasure to finally celebrate The Avengers with Diana. Enjoy! Related posts: Shakespeare Spies RiggShakespeare Spies IIan Fleming's MusicRigg Birthday TributeAvengers Interview: Michael RichardsonRichard Sala Interview ISet Countdown #7

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