June 24, 2014


British Pathe covered this fashion "Mission to Moscow" in 1967. According to the report, raincoats and other items from the Swinging London era were in high demand behind the Iron Curtain. Apparently the Russians bought over five-million pounds worth of clothing in 1966! I hadn't realized that Soviet shoppers could import foreign goods so easily. What they couldn't afford, of course, inspired young Comrades to develop their own fashion industry based on popular Space-Age and Mod designs from the west. This short clip is a fun time capsule for you dedicated followers of fashion. Enjoy! Related Spy Vibe posts: Jason Wu Design, Sylvia Anderson, Fear and Fashion, Romanian Fashion 1966, Jean Varon/John Bates Avengers Designer, Catsuits, Mods to Moongirls, Peeling Off the Trench Coats.

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