May 9, 2014


Fashion Friday: Jason Wu got his start creating outfits and accessories for high-end fashion dolls for Integrity Toys. The company specializes in major doll brands, where new collections are brought out amidst the kind of fanfare we normally expect from life-size creations for the catwalk. Wu's limited Monsieur Z stewardess collection from 2005 paid homage to mid-1960s styles, including sleeveless minidresses, gloves, and white boots. His Flaunt It doll brought back the famous Paco Rabanne metal mini-dress from 1967 (Rabanne image below from the Metropolitan Museum of Art). Where he may have borrowed heavily for his mini-creations, Wu is well-respected in the industry and has been named favorite designer of the First Lady.

Wu's Twiggy-inspired Poppy Parker line from 2012 included the famous black and white striped outfit designed for Mrs. Peel (The Avengers) by John Bates in 1965. Wu's attention to detail captured Bates' original concept, which featured white jacket (with black stripes) over black mini-dress (with white stripes)- a perfect design born from the Mod and Op Art aesthetics of the mid-1960s. Jason Wu doll portfolio images here. Additional images at Fashion Doll Chronicles here.

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    While Jason Wu is the creative director over at Integrity Toys, the lead designer on the Poppy Parker line, from the beginning, has been David Buttry at Integrity Toys...