May 19, 2014


Dr. Keel, we're needed! Long before Avenger John Steed was partnered with Emma Peel and Cathy Gale (played by Diana Rigg and Honor Blackman- both left the series to do James Bond films), he was the shadowy partner of Dr. David Keel (played by Ian Hendry). Although some of those early programs have been released, many remain missing. Fans of Doctor Who may be familiar with the syndrome, as it was once common practice to wipe studio tapes. Much of early television in the UK was shot on video and remains lost forever. If only they knew about the future of syndication, home video release, and streaming content back then. Big Finish Productions has been filling the gaps by producing outstanding audio adaptations of early Doctor Who shows. Recently the company set their sights on lost episodes of The Avengers. The first volume has been a success and the company is now listing a production schedule of six additional volumes to be released over the next three years: Vol. 2- July, Vol. 3- January 2015, Vol. 4- July 2015, Vol. 5- January 2016, Vol. 6- July 2016, and Vol 7- January 2017. Big Finish Avengers page here. Spy Vibers can pre-order Vol. 2 from Amazon for $30.95 here.

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