April 27, 2015


Comic Week: My vintage spy marathon at the Spy Vibe lair has settled nicely into the world of Patrick McGoohan's John Drake. Each episode of Danger Man, or Secret Agent as it was called in the States, played like a mini-movie. The writing was so packed and layered, and McGoohan's own sharp intelligence cracked like a whip on the screen. There were a number of comic adaptions produced. Today we feature covers from the Spanish  Agente Secreto, editions printed in Dutch and in French (Destination Danger), plus German versions of John Drake published by BSV Williams. The Spanish editions featured a fun design plan, with a yellow banner sporting McGoohan's portrait, bold red typeface  and a gun that looks like the famous air pistol used in the early Sean Connery Bond publicity images (sometimes replaced with a Luger). Agento was a long-running title that starred a number of different spy heroes. It was hard to track these down and the covers took some editing on my part to look presentable. Stay tuned for more Drake tomorrow. Enjoy!

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  1. Cool covers! Are the contents for these comics original, or are they translated reprints of the American Gold Key comics and UK strips from various annuals and TV comic magazines?

  2. The John Drake masthead was long-lived in Germany too. I think the name was being used right up until 1970, although the image of mcGoohan had long been dropped.