April 7, 2015


Mrs Peel returns! Some great news has appeared on the radar from our sister site Double O Section. Big Finish Productions plans to add Mrs Peel stories to their catalog of full-cast audio dramas based on The Avengers. While most of their recordings have been based on lost episodes, due to the unfortunate practice in the UK to reuse tapes, the upcoming Mrs Peel and John Steed dramas will be based on rare comic stories. And if that wasn't enough, Big Finish also plans to reprint The Avengers comics in a new book! Apparently they are currently casting Mrs. Peel. The original character, played by Diana Rigg, had such a unique blend of genius and melodic amusement. I hope they can recapture her spirit. Spy Vibers will have to wait until 2016 to add these cool editions to their libraries, but Big Finish will continue to provide great Steed dramas while we wait. More info at Double O Section here. Related Spy Vibe posts: Lost Avengers Audio Sets, Lost Avengers Vo 2-7, Lost Avengers Released.

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