April 28, 2017


To celebrate the HD restoration of the 1967 cult-classic movie Tonight Let's All Make Love in London, the film is scheduled to appear on the big screen at the Royal Albert Hall on Monday, May 1st. The screening and Q&A will be hosted by distributor Tim Beddows, DeMonfort professor Steve Chibnail, music writer Jon Savage, and Peter Whitehead Archive curator Dr. Alissa Clarke. Don't miss it if you are in London! The film, named after a poem recited at the Hall by Allen Ginsberg, is driven by the pulsing psychedelia of early Pink Floyd and punctuated by interviews with the likes of Michael Caine, David Hockney, Mick Jagger and other Sixties ‘faces’. It also captures a moment when the Rolling Stones’ concert at the Hall in 1966 was interrupted by a rioting audience. More info about the screening event here. I've had a CD of the soundtrack for years and have enjoyed the piece as an interesting time capsule. Parts of the film and soundtrack are a window into one of the most important happenings of the decade- The 14 Hour Technicolor Dream (April 29, 1967). This event was organized by Barry Miles, John Hopkins, Mike McInnerney, and Jack Henry Moore as a fundraiser for the counterculture paper, International Times. The multi-artist line-up included Pink Floyd, Arthur Brown, Soft Machine, The Move, The Pretty Things, Pete Townshend, The Creation, Yoko Ono, and film screenings by Peter Whitehead. Experimental and innovative days indeed! Whitehead also filmed parts of the event and then used the Pink Floyd footage to create structure for his experimental film, Tonight Let's Make Love in LondonNews of the May 1, 2017 Albert Hall screening comes via UK distributor Network, who will release a Blu-ray edition of the movie. From the press release: "Featured here as a brand new restoration, Peter Whitehead's celebrated film probes the myth and the reality of "Swinging London" presenting an intimate, impressionistic collage of rare concert and studio performances, interviews with key figures from the worlds of music, art and cinema, and images of Sixties counterculture. John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Mick Jagger, Vanessa Redgrave, Lee Marvin, Julie Christie (Billy Liar, The Saint, Fahrenheit 451, Petulia), Allen Ginsberg, Edna O'Brien, David Hockney and Michael Caine (Ipcress File, Funeral in Berlin, Alfie) are among those captured on film and in sound; bookended by a performance of Pink Floyd's Interstellar Overdrive, the soundtrack features songs by the Rolling Stones and Eric Burdon. Made when many young people saw politicised hedonism as the logical response to global uncertainty, Whitehead's "Pop Concerto for Film" taps into both the confidence and the confusion of an iconic moment in time." To help Spy Vibers place these events in context: The Beatles innovative masterpiece, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band came out on June 1st, 1967. Pink Floyd's first album for EMI, Piper At the Gates of Dawn, was released on August 5th, 1967. Whiteheads Tonight Let's All Make Love in London was originally shown at the New York Film Festival on September 26th 1967. The culture was truly about to change forever. Enjoy! Spy Vibers, Episode 2 of my new radio spot on Cocktail Nation is live! This time I talk about the 1965 film, The 10th Victim. More info here

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