August 19, 2013


During the classic horror boom of the 1960s, Dell publishing set out to cash in on a few major character titles. Dell's superhero/spy comic Werewolf lasted three issues between 1966-1967. A radical departure from the usual horror adaptation, the comic centered around a pilot who crashed in the arctic circle and was trained by wolves. Once he and his wolf companion were rescued, he was recruited to work as a top spy with the aid of gadgets and a hypnotic treatment that enabled him to change his face at will. Handy! Dive deeper into the series over at 4th Letter here and Gorilla Daze here

Get ready to meet MIKI ZERO, Japanese fashion model and spy! Jason Whiton, creator of Spy Vibe, has written a sixties thriller inspired by his love of Ian Fleming and based on newly declassified intel from the Cold War. More info at his website here. Recent Spy Vibe posts: Julie NewmarErno GoldfingerHitchcock tribute, Ian Fleming memorial, Emma Peel Megaset returns.

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  1. Thanks, Jason! I've never heard of this one. Sounds worth seeking out. Have you read any?


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