August 10, 2013


The Spy Vibe summer contest deadline has been extended! Some readers had trouble with their e-mail and I want to give them a chance to enter. All you have to do is send a message to spy vibe[at] with the prize title in the subject heading and your name and address. *Remember to replace [at] with the @ symbol. I will choose winners in a random drawing on August 16th. You can enter for more than one prize, but each entry must be a separate e-mail. Good luck! Prizes listed below.

Prizes: From Russia With Love (vintage 1960s Pan edition/movie cover),The Beachhead Spies (vintage 1958 paperback-great cover design!), Doctor Who and the Auton Invasion (first novel with UNIT & 3rd Doctor), The Strangers #1 (cool new 1960s-inspired comic about a team of operatives w special powers), Peanuts Coaster (2 Spy Vibers will win a limited-edition Peanuts paper coaster from the Mid-Century Modern Design exhibit at the Charles Schulz Museum. What's your Spy Vibe?

Get ready to meet MIKI ZERO, a Japanese fashion model and spy from 1965! That's right, I've written a novel inspired by Spy Vibe. More info at my website here.

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