August 23, 2013


Spy Vibe has curated a Pinterest board celebrating diobolikal villains like Fantomas, Diabolik, Killing, Fantomex, Death Man, Kriminal, Satanik, Mabuse, Sadistik, Phibes, and many others. In the wake of collecting these groovy gangsters, one of my agents just returned from Mexico with a stash of vintage comics to share on Spy Vibe. Here are the first and last pages from the May 1983 issue of Fantomas, which reprints stories from 1970. Reminiscent of Danger Diabolik and the French Fantomas films, our anti-hero sports a modern lair designed for leisure, planning evil schemes... and chilling with his cat. Did he attend the Blofeld School of Crime? Enjoy!

Get ready to meet MIKI ZERO, Japanese fashion model and spy! Jason Whiton, creator of Spy Vibe, has written a sixties thriller inspired by his love of Ian Fleming and based on newly declassified intel from the Cold War. More info at his website here. Recent Spy Vibe posts: Julie NewmarErno GoldfingerHitchcock tribute, Ian Fleming memorial, Emma Peel Megaset returns.

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  1. In the 'Killingmania' forum ( you can find various criminal heroes in Italian and Argentine editions. Above all there is material about Killing, the bloodiest anti-hero.