March 3, 2009



A reminder to Spy Vibe readers that The Baron dvd box set will be released in the US on March 10th.
It's always exciting to see an ITC show become available. Netflix also has the whole set listed.

From Amazon: "Tall, handsome and debonair, John Mannering (Steve Forrest), aka The Baron, is an international art and antiques dealer working with British Intelligence tracking stolen treasures. In a world of danger, greed and intrigue, The Baron – aided by the glamorous Cordelia (Sue Lloyd) – must risk his life on espionage missions to recover priceless works of art and bring criminals to justice. Includes all 30 episodes of the action-packed adventure series from the production team behind The Saint."

From Double O Section: "The Baron stars American Steve Forrest as John Creasey’s titular antiques dealer-cum-spy in this entertaining Saint imitator from one of the producers of the Roger Moore hit. The series was pretty uneven in terms of quality, but the good episodes make it well worth seeing for fans of The Saint. It even spawned a feature film in Europe, made by editing together two of the series' best episodes."

More info at The Morning After and Television Heaven.

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  1. I've had a chance to preview the first disc. The Baron does have some neat gadgets and settings, and fans of The Saint may enjoy the adventurer/spy aspect of the show. I have to say it didn't jump out at me right away, but I will let it sink in and check out more episodes. Unsure spy fans in the US can Netflix the series. I'll be curious to hear what you think about The Baron.