March 21, 2009


Hermes Press will be publishing re-prints of the 60s Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea comics from Gold Key! The Vol 1 hardcover is due May 1st. Description from Amazon:

It's back! the comic book adaptation of one of the most famous and popular sci-fi television series of the 1960s: Irwin Allen's Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. This first of two hardcover volumes collects eight, digitally remastered reprints of the original Gold Key comic books featuring Admiral Nelson, Captain Crane, and the Sea View, and includes documentary material about the series, its designs, and special effects.

Vol 2 Info from Hermes:
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Volume Two: reprints of issues #7-14 of the original Gold Key Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea comic books.

Hermes Press continues its complete reprints of all of the Irwin Allen comic book television tie-ins with Volume Two of Voyage to the Bottom of Sea. Journey on seven action packed sci-fi adventures finishing the complete reprint of the series. These comic books have been painstakingly restored to look as good as the original comic books. Featuring original covers, inside cover artwork, and pin-ups. Also included are informative essays on series. Artwork by Alberto Giolitti with cover art by George Wilson.

They also plan to re-print the Time Tunnel from Gold Key comics!
From their site: It’s back, the complete reprint of Gold Key comics Time Tunnel comic book series. This is the second volume of Hermes Press’s complete reprints of all of the Irwin Allen sci-fi television show tie-in comic books. Now, for the first time in over forty years read both issues, back-to-back, together with documentary material, essays, blue prints from the show and more! Full color and digitally remastered, Time Tunnel: The Complete Series brings these comic books back looking better than when they first hit the stands.

It's a fab time for Irwin Allen fans. And speaking of Fab, check out the
Hermes Press site for three behind-the-scenes books about Gerry Anderson shows, including a design book about Mike Trim and Sylvia Anderson's own My FAB Years.


  1. These are so cool! What's better than 50's-60's scifi? It's like you're inside my head.. :)

  2. I really like the Time Tunnel one. I love the show because it's so campy. Did you know they tried to bring it back a few years ago? The Time Tunnel series we bought had the new Pilot show. It wasn't very good. I'm just glad that the poster isn't as cheesy as the original show was. Like I said I really do like the show.

  3. I didn't know they tried to bring Time Tunnel back. I'll check my sets for that pilot- thanks for the tip :)

    I hear they're also working on re-prints of the Land Of The Giants comics from Gold Key.