March 31, 2009

The Years of Loving Dangerously

Fellow C.O.B.R.A.S. blog, Permission to Kill, has intercepted an interesting Times article about espionage and sex in the Cold War. Honey traps, like the secret filming of Bond and Tatiana in From Russia With Love, were a common strategy to corrupt and manipulate agents and information. Times brief:

The Years of Loving Dangerously

They were communist agents trained — and surgically enhanced — to seduce the West’s Moneypennys and Bonds. Lauren St John finds out what went on between the sheets behind the iron curtain.
Times link here.

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  1. As with many aspects of espionage, I must admit that I prefer fiction over fact. It's intriguing to read about actual cases, but they can offer up some pretty dark stuff. Honey traps, surveillance, and silencers are wildly fun in the world of 60s Spy Vibe, and Bond's meeting with Tatiana remains one of my fave 007 scenes ever- actually the first thing I cued up when I went Blu-ray :)