March 28, 2009


As The C.O.B.R.A.S. continue our coverage of costumes and costumed Spy heroes, I've tracked down some additional treasures for Spy Vibe's Nehru-Mania, including Nehru Jacket patterns for those 1960s families with an eye for homemade fashion on a budget (even junior is hip to the Nehru bag!), and a great ad for mod target hats inspired by Mrs Peel of The Avengers. See the Spy Vibe Costume page, Mods To Moongirls, for related articles and video.


  1. Any chance you have the patterns to go with those?

  2. I don't, but I bet we can track them down. Maybe eBay? Sometimes fabric stores also will carry old pattern styles.

  3. Once we've tracked down the pattern, and have selected a tailor (I know a good tailor in Hong Kong), I'll have one in charcoal grey!