March 30, 2009


After a new wave of Bond Blu-ray discs last week, the 007 season continues with a number of books due for release on April 1st. From Amazon:

Sean Connery: Neither Shaken nor Stirred by Andrew Yule
From humble beginnings as a milkman and coffin-polisher to one of the world’s biggest box-office names, Sean Connery is one of Hollywood’s all-time greatest success stories. The star of nearly 80 films, Connery is perhaps still best known for his seven performances as James Bond. Indeed, for many movie fans Connery’s 007 is unsurpassed to this day. But how did this working-class Scot come to embody the quintessentially English agent? This definitive biography reveals Connery’s early successes and failures—both personal and professional—and looks at the little-known life behind the cameras. Frank and thorough, this is a complete look at the film world’s classic charismatic hard man.

Daniel Craig: The Illustrated Biography by Tina Ogle
Daniel Craig: The Illustrated Biography looks at the life of this notoriously private actor, including his film and TV appearances, his two-year marriage to Scottish actress Fiona Loudon and his long-standing relationships with actress Heike Makatsch and film producer Satsuki Mitchell. He landed the role of Angelina Jolies lover in the 2001 movie Lara Croft: Tomb Raider; establishing his Hollywood credentials. Daniel became to sixth official screen Bond in Casino Royale. Daniel will next appear, Licensed to Kill as 007, in the November 2008 release Quantum of Solace. Daniel has other movie roles slated for 2009, including I Lucifer, before beginning work on the as yet untitled Bond 23.

Ian Fleming by Andrew Lycett
Updated to include new information on the Bond phenomenon, the definitive biography of author Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond 007, also includes information about Fleming's career in naval intelligence where he masterminded many top-secret operations. With Daniel Craig earning critical acclaim as the spy and signed for several Bond movies, both the character and his creator remain subjects of enduring popularity. Boasting an extraordinary cast of characters, this is biography at its best—part history, part gossip, and part an informed reassessment of one of this century's most celebrated yet mysterious personalities.

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