September 9, 2017


Although Spy Vibers will recognize Carnaby Street as the symbol of 1960s fashion, the history of the area and its pioneers is not widely studied. Our friend Odysseas Constantine at Art & Hue recently researched boutique owner John Stephen and has created a new collection of duotone prints celebrating the  "King of Carnaby". From his Art & Hue site: "Starting with one shop on what was a run-down backstreet with low rents, within 10 years John Stephen had 15 boutiques on Carnaby Street, as well as more right across London, in Brighton, Europe, America, and his home town of Glasgow. From the beginning of the street as a centre of fashion, the too-cool-for-school tribes would move off every few years, each time declaring Carnaby to be dead, but the popularity of the street as the heart of Swinging London endured throughout the decade, catering to beatniks and mods, then peacocks and dandies." Constantine's past Pop Art projects have included fan-favorites like The Avengers, The New Avengers, Thunderbirds1960s Spies, 1960s Models, Hammer Horror, Jet Age airportsCarry On films, Brit Noir, Mod hair styles, and Beat films. More info at Art & Hue.  Related post: Interview: Pop Art AvengersIn other news, check out my episodes of the Cocktail Nation radio show, where I introduce classic spy films/TV series and play soundtracks and rare cuts: Episode #1 (Danger Man) and Episode #2 (The 10th Victim), Epsiode #3 (On Her Majesty's Secret Service), Episode #4 (Roger Moore/The Saint), and Episode #5 (The Avengers). Episode #6 (The Prisoner).

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