July 2, 2012


The creator of Thunderbirds, UFO, and Captain Scarlet, Gerry Anderson, has revealed that he has Alzheimer's Disease. Although the condition was diagnosed 18 months ago, Anderson brought it to public attention when he announced that he and his son, Jamie, plan to participate in a Memory Walk benefit this October. Anderson is the genius behind Century 21, a company dedicated to making thrilling mystery/adventure and Sci Fi shows that appealed to kids and adults. With his innovative use of Supermarionation and miniatures, Anderson's shows inspired generations of filmmakers- including Nick Park of Wallace and Gromit. Anderson's work continues to be released and enjoyed by collectors and new fans. Recent releases include: Space 1999 Blu-ray, The Investigator (unreleased 1973 show), and a feature film based on UFO (in production). Spy Vibe wishes all the best to Gerry and his family as they deal with this difficult condition. More information at BBC News and the Fanderson website. Spy Vibe's review of the James Bond-inspired Thunderbirds episode, License to Kill Puppets. Captain Scarlet was #9 in our Set Countdown in Set For Adventure.

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