July 23, 2012


The excellent UK distributor and store, Network, continues to unearth and remaster cult TV treasures from the 1960s. They have just released the complete Undermind series. From Network: "Crime drama meets science fiction in this chilling and intriguing ABC series. Undermind, first broadcast in 1965 and starring Rosemary Nicols (Department S) and Jeremy Wilkin (UFO), is released here for the first time in any format.

 Detective Sergeant Frank Heriot is healthy, happily married, and has a good job. So what has made him cold and remote towards his family? And why is he suddenly plagued by terrible headaches? Is he mentally ill or is something far more sinister affecting his mind? Gradually, the answer becomes clear: Frank is the victim of an unknown force seeking to undermine public confidence in the people and institutions that form the backbone of the British Establishment. Doctors, teachers, scientists, clergymen and writers and are all among its targets; its ultimate aim is anarchy. Where will the mysterious menace strike next? It could be the man who sits next to you on the bus. It could be you…" The 3-disc set is region 2 PAL, 550 minutes, and is currently part of an on-line sale at the Network website.

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