July 5, 2012


Ian Fleming had a great love for the sound of words. His stories are filled with wonderful descriptions and rhythm. I've been a devoted fan of the Blackstone Audio series of Bond novels read by Simon Vance (Robert Whitfeield) made around 2001. His delivery is relaxed and he seems to savor the lines as he reads. I listen to these often, and even have his voice in my head when I'm writing spy fiction. AudioGo will release a new series of audiobooks available for pre-order in August. They have lined-up fine actors for each story and previews are now on Youtube. The Martin Jarvis reading sounds best to me so far. See what you think. Here are samples of Man With the Golden Gun read by Kenneth Branagh, You Only Live Twice read by Martin Jarvis, and On Her Majesty's Secret Service read by David Tennant. More samples at the AudioGo YouTube page.

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