July 6, 2012


Where else can you find silver miniskirts, Nehru jackets, space-age cars, sci-spy organ soundtracks, and a secret organization posing as a movie studio that battles alien spies? Gerry Anderson's first live-action TV show, UFO (1970-71), is currently only $29.99 in Spy Vibe's secure Amazon Store. Most Spy Vibers have seen this groovy show, but have you watched it in German or Japanese?  Check out the clips below for a new perspective. A feature film based on UFO is currently in production. Gerry Anderson has made a public announcement about his health, which you can read in our post here.

Stay tuned for our next installments of For Your Shelf Only, where fellow spy collectors talk about their favorite books and memorabilia and share some of their treasures. Series links to our recent guests: Jon GilbertRaymond BensonJeremy DunsPeter LorenzDavid FosterRob MallowsRoger Langley.

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