July 3, 2012


"In this role Mr Fleming imbued Bond with many of his own characteristics, from an outsize libido to a taste for handmade Morland & Co cigarettes." The clothing and style site Mr Porter has advertised an Ian Fleming-style jacket with an excerpt from the excellent Fleming biography by Andrew Lycett. The post highlights Fleming's own tastes that helped to define his creation, James Bond.

"Over these years Mr Fleming's own style had evolved. In London he wore blue two-piece suits, a cotton shirt and, always, a bow tie. For relaxation he favoured lightweight suits, perhaps in hound's-tooth check. His distinctive golfing garb was epitomized by the jacket auctioned at Bonhams in 2010 and described as "tailored in tweed with a loud black, white and turquoise check, and bearing the label of Benson, Perry & Whitley Ltd". When dressing down, or in his beloved Jamaica, he donned short-sleeved Sea Island cotton shirts, shorts and even sandals." 

Get the above jacket, a style worn by Fleming himself, at Mr Porter. "Originally designed with functionality in mind, the field jacket has evolved to become a staple in the wardrobes of sartorially switched-on men thanks to its utilitarian appeal. This drawstring piece from Maison Kitsuné is one of our favourite interpretations for the new season, with original box-pleat pockets and white snap fastenings for a successful mix of classic and contemporary." A great jacket to wear on your next visit to Goldeneye (but sans belt accessory ala Ian above). 

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