July 7, 2012


The Independent has posted a review of The House of Rumour, a new novel by Jake Arnott that interconnects a number of short stories- including one starring James Bond creator, author Ian Fleming! From the review: "In one segment, a youthful Ian Fleming investigates Rudolph Hess's flight to Scotland, dreams of James Bond and encounters Aleister Crowley. These characters, storylines and motifs are among the many that are re-cycled across the whole. Hess, imprisoned in Spandau, muses on history, astrology and Neil Armstrong's Moon landing. In 1940s California, a group of science fiction writers speculate about art, flying saucers and, in the case of L Ron Hubbard, new religions.

While the resulting plot moves crazily across time, space and genre, there is method to Arnott's narrative madness. "A story should sound improbable," Fleming is informed by his very own "M". "If it is too logical it's liable to appear contrived." The House of Rumour mixes high and low art to confront matters elevated and earthly: God and the Devil, space travel and imprisonment, transcendence and death." More at The Independent.

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  1. Raymond Benson added that Boyd's 2003 novel, Any Human Heart, also includes Fleming as a character. Ian gets around :)