July 30, 2012


If your sense of style extends to fragrances and perfumes, drop into Harrods to sample the new James Bond 007 Fragrance for men. Just one of the many licensed items to be released during the 50th anniversary of Bond and the launch of the new film, Skyfall, small bottles starting at $30 will be available at Harrods after August 15th. More info at New York Daily News.

Fragrances have donned the Bond name before, including a women's perfume called Bond Girl 007 released in 2008 during Quantum of Solace

A.B.R. Barlach also released scents for both men and women in 1997 packaged in glass tops. During the release of Tomorrow Never Dies (1997), a men's perfume was released with Pierce Brosnan's image and packaged in a bullet. 

And famous among collectors of 007 ephemera, there was this line of Men's "007" aftershave and cologne (below) advertised suggestively in 1965. All this and much more can be seen at the 007 Collector website.

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