May 22, 2013


I had a nice birthday in the Spy Vibe lair today! Sushi lunch and dinner with fellow agents, and I got to add more volumes to my collection of classic Dick Tracy comic strips. Opening the box got me thinking about those childhood treasures and holiday moments. How many Spy Vibers liked to look at the Sears or Corgi catalogs back in the day and dream over the cool spy toys? Did any of you collect the Gilbert toys? I never had the Gilbert action figures and play sets below until I was in college (hey, I was a late bloomer!), but they still managed to fire my imagination. I love that they made things like Goldfinger's laser table. Just what every kid needed to torture their own secret agent and stage cliff-hangers at home! And Ken Adam's designed trick pool table with secret map- ingenious! I eventually had all of the sets sealed on their original cards, but sold them off with other James Bond artifacts to help fund my first move to Japan. Sometimes I think about picking some of these up again and photographing ala David Leventhal or Slinkachu. But for now, the catalog does the trick. Here's a little dream for you. Click to enlarge. Enjoy!

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